Information on the K1 Visa Process in Thailand.Immigration Lawyers in Charlotte NC assist with K1 Visa Success Story in Thailand

We represented a US citizen in the K1 Visa Process in Thailand. His fiancée was living in Thailand. They wanted to get married and establish a life together in the United States. The K1 Visa category permits the fiancé(e) of a US citizen petitioner to enter the U.S. for a 90-day period to marry the petitioner and apply for permanent residence.

We assisted our client with preparing and filing Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) and supporting documentation. We provided evidence to establish that they have met in person within two years of filing the petition including travel itineraries, boarding passes, pictures, passport stamps and their own affidavits. We also showed that they had a good faith intention to get married once his fiancée arrives here.

USCIS approved the I-129F petition then forwarded the package to the US Embassy in Bangkok. At this stage of the process we advised our client that the K1 Visa in Thailand is considered to be a high fraud visa category. We further advised that couples with significant cultural differences, language barriers, or unusual or large age discrepancy should expect a high level of scrutiny from the consular officers. Furthermore, our client’s visitor visa applications were denied twice, thus greater attention and due dilligence on our part was required for this particular case.

We provided a comprehensive consular interview preparation and updated the supporting documentation as instructed in the Embassy’s K1 Visa package. The applicant’s birth certificate was unobtainable so we had to provide the best possible secondary evidence to document her date and place of birth. Additionally, the applicant had to obtain foreign police records in addition to the Thai Police Clearence Certificate. Finally, all the documentation was sent via international courier directly to the US Embassy, along with Form DS-2001, Notification of Beneficiary’s Readiness.

On the date of the appointment we were glad to learn that the K1 Visa was granted at the conclusion of the interview.

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If you need assistance with your K1 Visa Process in Thailand, please contact our Immigration Lawyers in Charlotte NC at: T: 704-944-3239 E: Immigration Lawyers in Charlotte NC provide K1 Visa immigration advice and representation locally and worldwide. Alex Muntean is an Immigration Attorney providing K1 Visa legal representation.


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