House Enters Recess With No Progress on Immigration Reform – Immigration Lawyer in Charlotte NC

The Republican-controlled House entered the holiday recess with no progress on immigration. Some leading Republicans are promising that immigration would be a top priority in 2014. Their plan is to promote a series of bills rather than a comprehensive package. It’s still unknown whether the House will consider offering legal status to more than 11 million undocumented people.

Many activists, including powerful Republicans are still unrelenting in their demand for action. A coalition of business conservatives and evangelical groups are pressuring House Reppublicans to act on immigration reform. Immigration advocates fear that the momentum to pass immigration reform is slipping away. Thousands have rallied recently in support of immigration reform in major cities across US and on the National Mall in Washington DC.They held marches, town-meetings, and most recently five people fasted for 22 days in DC consuming only water.

But will the 2014 mid-term elections make cautious Republicans less likely to take on immigration reform? According to Ali Noorani, the Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, immigration is a time sensitive matter in terms of the survival of the Republican Party. As electoral districts are becoming more diverse, Republican candidates will have to consider Latino voters just as much as their base if they want to win their seats or the White House. He predicts that the House will eventually act on
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