NYC to issue ID cards to undocumented immigrants – Immigration lawyers in Charlotte NC

On July 10, 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law the creation of a New York City Identity Card. This program makes New York the largest city in the US to issue such a local identification document. Starting in January 2015, New York will join other large U.S. municipalities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Haven, and Washington D.C. in providing an official, government issued ID to residents who are otherwise unable to obtain state issued drivers’ licenses or other IDs.

Backers of the New York ID state that it will help the cities elderly, homeless, and transgendered residents, as well as adults without driver’s licenses which account for over half of NYC residents over the age of 16. But the biggest beneficiaries will be the near 500,000 city residents who live in the U.S. without lawful immigration status.

This is a good public policy decision which will contribute to the public safety of NYC. The city issued ID cards will also serve an economic function, as immigrants will be able to participate in the financial system. The IDs could be used to open bank accounts, sign residential lease agreements, and purchase vehicles among other things, which could generate a significant influx of capital for the local community and tax revenue for the city.

New York’s passage of its municipal ID comes shortly after Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter proclaimed his support for a Charlotte municipal ID in a meeting of the Immigrant Integration Task Force on June 26, 2014. If the Charlotte creates a similar municipal ID shortly after the Immigrant Integration Task Force makes its proposals to the city council in February 2015, Charlotte will become the first southern city to have its own ID.

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