Huge Upset in House Majority Leader’s Primary Race: What does it mean for Immigration Reform? Immigration News from Charlotte Immigration Lawyers – Charlotte Immigration Attorneys

The outcome in the Republican primary race for Virginia’s 7th congressional district, which unseats the soon-to-be-former House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, was a major shock to most observers. While advisors, and historians will surely analyze on how Cantor lost the race—or perhaps what previously unknown economics professor Dave Brat did to win the race—we here at Charlotte Immigration Law Firm are most interested in what this change means for the prospect of comprehensive immigration reform.

Most major news outlets report that Eric Cantor’s loss means the end of any hope of this House of Representatives taking up immigration reform. As Politico reports, Brat “centered his campaign” against Cantor on his “support for so-called ‘amnesty’ for undocumented immigrants,” and that “[m]any top sources close to the issue privately acknowledged after . . . Cantor’s shocking defeat Tuesday night that the already uphill battle for immigration reform was dealt the knockout blow.”

Similarly, the Hill reports that “Cantor lost to Professor Dave Brat by a double-digit margin Tuesday night, after the underdog challenger made the GOP leader’s support for some immigration reform proposals a major focus of his campaign . . . Now, Republicans on both sides of the issue say the loss will terrify House members who’d begun to tentatively move toward compromise.” Ironically, Eric Cantor, who consistently insisted the Republican controlled House take up a “piece-meal” approach to immigration, was viewed by immigration reform advocates to be a major figure preventing the passage of comprehensive immigration reform.

Still, some commentators warn that these reports are too quick to pronounce immigration reform dead. The New York Times “The Upshot” analysis is observers should view such reports with a “skeptical eye.” “Above all, Mr. Cantor’s defeat is probably a reminder of the difference between the Republican primary electorate and the country as a whole. Most Americans support a more ambitious version of an immigration overhaul than is backed by Mr. Cantor.”

It remains to be seen whether this GOP upset is the nail-in-the-coffin for immigration reform or if those reports are simply premature speculation. As we’ve explained before on this blog, if the House does not take up immigration reform President Obama seems poised to take new action to change immigration enforcement sometime this summer. We at Charlotte Immigration Law Firm will continue to monitor the news and prepare to assist our clients who might be affected by any changes in law or enforcement.

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