Business Immigration – Misconceptions About Skilled Immigration Puts US Economy At Disadvantage – Business Immigration Lawyers in Charlotte NC

According to Emily Badger of Washington Post, employment based immigration reform could grow the US economy and shrink the deficit. The reform would ease the US skilled-gap, drive innovation, tax receipts, consumer demand, and job growth for US workers. A Standard and Poor’s report has recently quantified the economic advantage of high-skilled immigration: it could add 3.2% to real GDP in the US and could cut $150 billion from the deficit over the next 10 years.

S&P found a significant gap between the business needs for high-skilled workers and the education and training of the US work force. Importing foreign workers would benefit US as skilled immigrants create jobs by starting new businesses, pay for and offset an aging US population, and have a positive impact on the consumer demand. Also, keeping STEM foreign students educated in the US should also be a key priority for the immigration system. In 2013, foreign-born graduates in the US account for 70% of electrical engineers, 63% of computer scientists and 60% of industrial engineers. Without creating an easier road for retaining foreign students, U.S. is losing top skilled workers who could be very valuable to American businesses.

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Alex Muntean is an Immigration Attorney providing immigration advice and representation.


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