The President Delays Executive Action on Immigration – from Immigration Lawyer Charlotte – Contact our Immigration Lawyer in Charlotte NC Now

Obama’s executive action appeared imminent. On August 2, the Washington Post and The Hill reported that Obama’s advisors are preparing a “formal menu of options” for immigration policy changes for the President to choose. Some of these alternatives include expanding the Deferred Action to Childhood Arrivals program the President implemented in August of 2012 to parents of young people protected under that provision as well as the parents of children and others with deep familial ties to the U.S. The Hill reported that another alternative Obama was weighing was “drop[ing] the three- and 10-year waiting periods for Individuals applying for permanent legal residence after having lived in the US illegally.” Currently, individuals who have family members or employers willing to sponsor them for legal status can’t obtain status because US immigration laws require them to obtain immigrant visas from U.S. consulates abroad but departure from the U.S. triggers either a three—or more commonly—a ten year bar to reentry for those in the U.S. for any significant amount of time without status.

According to NY Time however, on September 7, White House officials announced that Obama will postpone taking executive action on immigration, conceding to pressure from fellow Democrats who feared that acting now could derail his party’s chances this fall.

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