DOD Department of Defense to allow DACA holders to join in the military – Read more news from Immigration Attorneys in Charlotte NC

The Department of Defense US Dept of Defense announced yesterday that it is enlarging the MAVNI program to permit immigrants with DACA status to join. The MAVNI program is limited at 1,500 recruits a year and would mainly target Deferred Action holders with high-demand skills such as rare language expertise or specialized health care. It is uncertain how many Deferred Action holders will actually join through this highly selective program, but the release is nonetheless significant because the first time in generations the U.S. will consider noncitizens who may have come to the U.S. without authorization to join the U.S. military. This is especially important since the Immigration and Nationality Act allows military service members who serve during wartime—which the U.S. has been in since the start of the “war on terror” in 2001—to become U.S. citizens immediately. In fact, the “Naturalization at Basic Training” program gives noncitizen enlistees the opportunity to naturalize upon graduation from basic training. This is the first of a new round of “executive actions” the President has pledged he will take in the coming months to address the country’s broken immigration system. Perhaps more symbolic than practical, immigrant rights advocates hope this move is a sign the President is prepared to take other, more expansive action on immigration soon.

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