Deportation Lawyers in Charlotte NC Offer Deportation Options – Deportation lawyers Charlotte offer deportation defense

In May, our client, a citizen of Yemen and LPR of the US since 1995, called our firm to find out if we could assist him get his LPR card back. He told us that his immediate family were in MIddle East and that he had to to travel to Yemen immediately because one of his kids was ill. Apparently, after his last trip to Yemen to see his family in 2012, CBP took his LPR card at the airport upon his return to the United States It looks like a small criminal conviction from 2005 made Custom and Border Protection to consider our client “inadmissible,” and so CBP were keeping his LPR card contingent on a deportation hearing. not long after our client’s first consultation with us, he received a NTA in immigration court charlotte nc. We analyzed the client’s situation and advised him of a number of possible alternatives. After thoroughly discussing the case, the client concluded that he wanted us to take the course of action which had the potential for terminating his removal proceedings and getting back his LPR in the shortest time. We called the criminal attorney who had handled the 2005 case and coordinated with him to file a MAR to reopen the old criminal casse and have the charge reduced to a charge that did not create any immigration problems. We then negotiated with ICE, OCC, and discussed them into dropping, the deportation case. On the date of his master calendar hearing usually meant to set the date of a future trial—OCC agreed to close the case without any other immigration consequences. Earlier today we visited the ICE in Charlotte to obtain our client’s lpr card. Shortly our client will be on his way back to his home country to be with his ailing child. Next we will represent our client in bringing his immediate family to the US as permanent residents. Altogether, we were able to obtain our client’s case terminated in less than four months from the date his charges were filed in immigration court. By coordinating with his local criminal attorney and negotiating with federal immigration prosecutors, we were able to finalize the issue in most part outside of court and without the risk involved by leaving the case to be decided by the judge.Immigration deportation proceedings can be an very stressful and confusing process. When the DHS charges someone as deportable that individual will have a limited chances to respond to the charges and fight for their ability to stay in the United States. If your ability to stay in the United States is in jeopardy, it is very important to act fast upon a solid legal strategy. Consulting with the right deportation lawyers in Charlotte NC can make a world of difference at the local Immigration Court in Charlotte NC.

Removal Defense Representation: Our Deportation Lawyers in Charlotte NC aggressively advocate for persons at any and every stage of removal proceedings. Some of the deportation defense services offered by one of our deportation attorney in Charlotte include: Representation at Immigration Court Charlotte; Motions for immigration bond redetermination; Representation before the EOIR; Appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals; Appeals before the Federal Courts of Appeals; Applications for relief from removal, including: a) Cancellation of Removal for Certain Nonpermanent Residents b) Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents c) Administrative Closure based on Provisional Waiver d) Adjustment of Status e) DACA f) TPS g) Asylum and Withholding of Removal h) Prosecutorial Discretion i) And more

ICE is aggressively searching for, apprehending, and removing foreign nationals present in the United States without proper legal papers. Once placed into removal proceedings, an individual may qualify for a limited range of forms of relief or “defenses” which would allow them to remain in the United States. One’s options to remain in the US will depend on one or more circumstances particular to that individual’s immigration case and an aggresive defense by our deportation lawyers in Charlotte NC.

If you or a loved one has received a Notice to Appear in any Immigration Court or in Immigration Court Charlotte, or if your or a loved one has been detained and subjected to an immigration and custom enforcement ICE hold do not delay in calling our qualified deportation lawyers. OurvDeportation lawyers in Charlotte NC who practice in deportation defense will know how to review your individual case to determine what forms of relief are available.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review for North and South Carolina is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. If your loved one residing in North or South Carolina faces deportation proceedings from ICE detention, he or she may have court in Atlanta or Lumpkin, Georgia if an Immigration Judge does not set a bond. In order to keep the case at the Immigration Court Charlotte, you must act quickly to request the Charlotte Immigration Court to set a bond before your loved one is moved by ICE to one of the Georgia detention facilities.

To learm out more about what to do in the event you or your loved one is placed into removal, or if you have a loved one who is subject to an ICE detainer, call our qualified deportation lawyers in Charlottewho practices in deportation defense. Every case is unique, so a one-on-one meeting with our deportation lawyers is the best way for you to get the information you need in the event ICE targets your family.

If you need aggressive deportation defense at the Immigration Court Charlotte and all over US, contact our Deportation Lawyers in Charlotte at 704-900-2925. Benjamin A. Snyder is one of the Deportation lawyers in Charlotte NC providing Deportation/Removal Defense


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